Pane d'Amore Artisan Bakery was established in 2003 by Frank d'Amore and Linda Yakush.  Pane (bread) d'Amore (of love) is a small town bakery devoted to baking organic bread and pastries using the very best ingredients they can find at home in the state and around the world.  Even though the company has seen its share of ups and downs they continue to be committed to their family, communities and employees; always striving for a better product and keeping their tradition of sharing a priority.

Frank started baking when he was 18 in Seattle.  No one in the small group knew how to bake bread but they all shared the same recognition of the rewards that come from making food for the community that you live in.  Though Frank did not bake professionally his entire career he did spend some time a different places baking on and off throughout his life.  Franks knowledge and his love of the art of baking expanded and increased with time.  Linda started baking from a very young age, she loved baking from her very first batch of chocolate chip cookies as a child.  Linda cultivated her love for baking though out her life and continued to teach herself new techniques baking for her family and friends.

When Frank and Linda got together in 2002 (both being married and having had children previously) they decided they wanted to do something together, not only that would bring them closer as a couple but that would help the community that they lived in and loved.  Frank had worked in multiple fields; as well as helping found the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.  Linda had owned a landscaping company and founded the Port Townsend Film Festival.  Together they decided they wanted to do something different.  Starting a local organic bakery though their shared love of baking seemed the perfect thing. 

Over the course of the next year with the help of their sons they transformed the old Constance Building in Uptown Port Townsend Washington into a production bakery.  They opened their doors to the Port Townsend community June 8th 2003 and were met with a very warm welcome.  Linda's son Elliott had a little red convertible and in the beginning they could fit all the deliveries in three willow baskets in the back seat. 

Using only the best ingredients they could find a stunning oven from France and a mixer from Italy they shaped and perfected their formulas and techniques.  Working tirelessly for years and dedicating themselves to their craft completely has produced the best artisan breads that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.   With over 17 different breads and 14 different shapes along with over 24 different pastries and cookies, the amount of decadence that comes from the ovens today is astounding.  From the start Linda and Frank know that not only did they want to produce a wonderful product but they wanted to do so with their community, families, and the environment in mind. 

Pane d'Amore has always had a no waste policy.  They make sure that any bread that isn't sold is donated to local food banks, homeless shelters, and retirement homes.  When there is still bread left over they put it in the "animal bins."  Here local farmers can come pick up old bread to feed their pigs, cows, chickens etc. making sure that every bun they make gets put into a belly.  Pane d'Amore is also known donating generously to multiple organizations in the towns they serve.  On January 24th 2010 Frank and Linda donated 100% of their proceeds to Doctors With Out Boarders in effort to help with the relief after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti.  Pane d'Amore with the help of a compassionate community raised over  14,000 dollars to Doctors With Out Boarders that day.

The bakery continued to grow and grow, it now consists of three retail locations, a production facility, and over 50 wholesale accounts.  However, it hasn't always been prosperity and contentment.  Besides the sacrifices, hard work, and diligence it takes to sustain a small business, in 2010 co-founder Frank d'Amore had to retire early due to his health.  This took a toll not only on himself but also on the family based business.  The remaining crew persevered and continued baking, carrying on their beloved co-founders legacy.

Over the next two years the business continued to grow and improve with Linda at the helm while Franks health continued to decline.  On August 8th beloved father, partner, and leader Frank d'Amore passed away at his home in his sleep due to complications with type one diabetes.  This rocked not only his family and his beloved bakery but also the community that he loved and that loved him in return.  Finding solace only in their work Linda and Frank's son Gabriel bravely carried on, they continue to do so today.

Pane d'Amore is an artisan bakery, that is a fact, furthermore it is a family, community, philanthropy and a living for so many people all across Western Washington.  Frank and Linda said it best "We built a bakery because we love good bread, hard work and our community.  Feeding people the very best product we can make using the very best ingredients we can find at home, in the state, and around the world is our guiding light.  We continually strive for a better product, a kinder approach to using our resources and keeping our tradition of sharing a priority."

Washington State Department of agriculture, certified organic